How Do I Purchase an Oriental Insurance Policy Online and Offline?

Today, we will take you on a tour of the numerous stress-free methods for purchasing an oriental insurance coverage both online and offline. However, let’s go back in time and explore the establishment of the company.


The firm oriental insurance policy is an India company that started its operations in 12th of sep 1947 in Bombay. With headquarters located in India. There’s more. From 1956 to 1973, the company was also a subsidiary of India’s Life Insurance Corporation (LIC). However, the corporation was nationalized later on. After some time, all of the company’s shares were transferred to the central government of India.

Services and Goods Offered by Oriental Insurance:

Let’s also discuss the services and products offered by oriental insurance, such as health insurance, auto insurance, travel insurance, etc. Below is a more thorough explanation of the term.

Oriental Health insurance: Over the years, people around the world have realized the need of obtaining health insurance, and oriental health insurance is a top-tier health insurance firm that provides its clients with excellent and extensive health security, such as catering for injuries. The company’s health insurance policy is inexpensive and has done an excellent job of assisting families with affordable and high-quality health care. Additionally, insurance is offered to everyone, including men, women, and children.

Oriental Motor Insurance: Like any other company’s motor insurance, it aims to protect an automobile and its owner from any damages the vehicle sustains by covering the costs associated with car repairs or replacements. This insurance is required for all two-wheeled vehicles and automobiles.

Oriental Travel Insurance is an insurance policy that covers unforeseen travel situations incurred in a foreign nation. This insurance covers travel flight cancellations, disruptions, delays, medical concerns, and a variety of other issues that may disturb your trip or have already occurred.

The objective of every firm is to deliver superior customer service, and oriental insurance is no exception. Its major objective is to be one of the greatest insurance companies, and so far they have been successful both online and offline.

How to Buy an Online Oriental Insurance Policy

Although the organization offers a wide variety of insurance to its clients, it can be difficult to comprehend how to purchase them online. However, below we will describe the straightforward steps you can take while purchasing an insurance coverage online.

  1. Utilize the buy online option available on the company’s official website’s menu.
  2. Make a decision and select an insurance plan.
  3. You will be immediately redirected to a new page where you can view all information regarding the insurance plan you selected. Thereafter, fill out all relevant information and click “Submit,” and you will be redirected to a payment page.
  4. Choose a suitable payment method, such as credit cards, mobile banking, or internet banking. In today’s world, everything is much simpler.
  5. The company will instantly begin the process of analyzing and gaining access to your information and payment now that you have completed the payment.

How to acquire an Oriental Insurance policy offline

If you’re unfamiliar with online transactions or have chosen to make your purchase offline for some other reason, all you have to do is visit the company’s location and speak with its agents so you may discuss the policy more and make payments.

Required Documents for Purchasing an Oriental Insurance Policy:

If you wish to acquire insurance from this company, you will be required to produce the following documentation.

Birth certificate: This is required to establish your age.

Identification Card: You will be required to present an identification card that briefly describes your identify, such as a voter’s card, driver’s license, international passport, etc.

This is a copy of the most recent pay stub provided by your employer.

Medical report: A medical report from your physician is essential.

If more documentation is required, the person assisting you with the purchase will inform you.


The most popular and commonly available oriental insurance policies

Listed below are the most popular insurance policies sold by the company since its inception.


  • PNB – Oriental Royal Motor Policy Benefits – Terms and Conditions
  • Scheme of Comprehensive Health Insurance
  • Group Medical Insurance Policy for Electronic Equipment
  • Individual Medical Insurance
  • Kissan Insurance Package
  • Motorcycle Policy Package
  • Oriental Bank Mediclaim Policy International Mediclaim for Business and Vacation International Mediclaim for Work and Study
  • Private Automobile Policy
  • Swasthya Bima Policy
  • Universal Health Care Insurance


Oriental insurance policies have numerous enticing features. As one of India’s premier insurance policy providers, we offer the greatest deal at one of the lowest prices. However, the process of acquiring an oriental insurance coverage should no longer be difficult. All that is required of you is to follow the methods outlined above. Good luck!